Deepothsavam 2021 – Meaning, Date, Timing , Rituals, Celebration

Deepothsavam is a traditional festival celebrated by married Hindu women of the Andhra region of Andhra Pradesh, India during Deepavali.

Festival that brings with it joy and happiness ‘Deepothsavam’ is one of the most prominent traditional festivals of Andhra Pradesh celebrated by married Hindu women. Mostly celebrated in the Andhra region of Andhra Pradesh, this festival is celebrated during the time of Deepavali and is often regarded as the most spiritual festival of all.

About the festival

Deepothsavam is also known as ‘Koti Deepothsavam’ is often regarded as the festival of washing away all the sins and being grateful to God for whatever you have. Every year thousands of married Hindu women of Andhra Pradesh worship Lord Krishna and also offer the ‘Ghee Lamp’ to the deity which is considered as a very significant part of ‘Karthik Vrata’.The importance of ‘Ghee Lamp’ in ‘Karthik Vrata ‘ is very carefully laid down in the scriptures which says ‘“of all gifts, the gift of a lamp during the month of Kartik is the best. No gift is it’s equal.”

Deepothsavam Andhra Pradesh Diwali lights

This festival is celebrated at Deepavali during October, November, and December. Though the festival is celebrated throughout the day, the highlight of the festival can be seen in the evening when temples are decorated with beautiful lights and flowers, annual ‘Aarti is being performed with grandeur and gaiety with the participation of a large number of pilgrims, ‘prasadam’ is being served to the devotees and attendees and several pontiffs, spiritual trainers and religious heads grace the occasion.


This festival being the most prominent and significant festival of Andhra Pradesh is celebrated with enthusiasm and happiness every year. People of Andhra Pradesh including women, children, priests, etc wait for this festival throughout the year since it brings with it long-lost hope and smiles. Every year various rituals like the lighting of lamps, performing of ‘Ganpati Pooja’, and recitation of Sankalpam take place in the temple. Pilgrims including the aged, diabetics, pregnant women, and children are offered ‘prasadam’  like buttermilk, normal milk, and pulihora as a token of love. Various musical and dance performances are also performed in various temples as a method of thanking God and being grateful for whatever he gave.

Laksha Deeparchana is one of the performances that is being showcased on such festivals. Alluring musical performances by prominent music personalities are an absolute treat on such occasions. Various ministers and political personalities also grace the occasion by visiting the temple on this day to seek blessings from God for their and their family’s healthier and happier life.

Various priests also address the gathering by telling them the importance of ‘Deepothsavam’ and educating them about the rituals and offerings. The idols of  ‘Sri Nitai Gaurang’ are specially decorated for this occasion and are worshipped the most.

Prominent Temples 

Though many temples in Andhra Pradesh celebrate ‘Deepothsavam’, some of the prominent festivals in this regard are ‘Nitai Gaurang Mandir located beside the double road at MVP Colony’ and  Srisailam temple in the outer regions of southern Andhra. Both these temples host the best ‘Deepothsavam’ with everything being so well arranged and managed. If you are in Andhra Pradesh during the times of Deepavali then do visit these two temples to experience the best ‘‘Deepothsavam’ celebration. A very famous spiritual group in Andhra Pradesh ‘Hare Krishna Movement ’celebrates this festival with grandeur. Their arrangements and way of celebration are way too unique and attractive. Every year thousands of devotees assemble in their event and witness the joy of this amazing festival.


Deepothsavam’ has always been the most awaited religious festival of Andhra Pradesh and continues to be the one. The spiritual and religious vibe it creates is something worth it and becomes one of the most primary reasons for visiting Andhra Pradesh. So next time when you plan a holiday to Andhra Pradesh do make sure that you plan it around October, November, and December so that you can witness this grand celebration of this great festival.

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