Kanuma Festival – Meaning, Dates, Celebrations, Rituals, and Story

When is Kanuma celebrated? Find about Kanuma Festival with Meaning, Dates, Celebrations, Rituals, and Story behind. Kanuma is an important day during the Pongal and Sankranti festivals, which are both ancient harvest festivals that take place in mid-January. It is of special importance to farmers who consider cattle as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity.

Lord Krishna, the Paalanhaar of this universe, the protector of his people, and the diety of many is known for his lilas, his naughtiness, and his love for butter. People have read about his many lilas where he protected others from evils and one of those lilas is when Lord Krishna lifted Mount. Goverdhan on his little finger to protect the people of Gokul.

Kanuma Festival Lord Krishna – Meaning, Dates, Celebrations, Rituals, and Story

Story Of Krishna Lifting Mount Goverdhan

The crops, people, and animals are all dependent upon rain and Lord Indra is the God of rain. So in order to make Lord Indra happy, the people of Gokul pray to him and offer various things. But Lord Krishna agreed Gokulwasi pray to Mount. Goverdhan as Goverdhan is the one who provides them food, shade, and many other things Gokulwasi prayed to Goverdhan which made Lord Indra furious and in order to average this insult, he flooded the village. In order to protect the villagers, Lord Krishna lifted Mount. Goverdhan on his little finger and all the villagers & animals took shelter under Goverdhan. This day is celebrated as Kanuma. 

Meaning of Kanuma

Kanuma means “to visit” Or “to go”. On this day people visit their families and friends and thank them to help in their agricultural activities. Kanuma holds great importance to those farmers according to whom their cattle is the symbol of prosperity and good fortune as it is the festival of cattle which is celebrated in the Andhra Pradesh state of India. The festival is dedicated to cattle which helps in agricultural activities. Kanuma is also known as Kanuma Padhugai and Mattu Pongal. 

Dates of Kanuma

Sankranti holds a special significance in Hindu mythology as it marks the beginning of the harvest season. The harvested crops are worshipped and offered to God. Kanuma is celebrated on the third day of Sankranti. According to the English calendar, it falls between 13th and 16th January every year. It falls in the last phase of the Tamil month of Marghazi or the Telugu month of Pushya. 

Celebrations of Kanuma

Kanuma is celebrated with traditional fervor and joy. Sons-in-law are especially invited to celebrate this occasion. The whole family unites to celebrate this festival together. Delicious food is prepared and special Non-vegetarian food is cooked. The menu also includes ariselu, tamarind rice, laddu, sweet Pongal, moong daal paysam, bobbabatlu(puran poli), and cracked wheat halwa. Cinema constitutes an important part of this festival as people love watching movies with their families and friends. Therefore many movies are released on this festival. 

Rituals of Kanuma

As the festival is dedicated to cattle like cows, bulls, oxen which helps in the agricultural activities, therefore cattle are bathed, decorated and people make them wear ornaments. Cattles are then taken to the temple and are worshipped there. Goverdhan pooja Or go pooja is also conducted. Bullfight is organized and the most healthy bull is adorned with ornaments. Betting is done on cattle and cinema stars. Bulls are bought into a procession illustrated with sannai music. Cockfighting is also conducted and people make donations to the poor people. 

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