At 3:05 pm each day, the Directorate of Kerala Lotteries starts releasing the Kerala Lottery Results Live.

Through Kerala State Lotteries' official website, the results are made public

Every day at 4:00 PM, a time And provides list with the names and winning numbers is made available.

1st Prize – ₹7,000,000/- (70 Lakhs)2nd Prize – ₹500,000/- (5 Lakhs)  Consolation Prize – ₹8,000/-

2nd Prize – ₹500,000/- (5 Lakhs)
3rd Prize – ₹100,000/- [1 Lakh] 
    4th Prize – ₹5,000/-

5th Prize – ₹2,000/
-6th Prize – ₹1,000/-
7th Prize – ₹500/-

The lottery scheme was launched with the purpose of improving federal money and granting individuals a job.

Within 30 days provide winning ticket and all required documentation.wing the drawing, the winner must

If the winning sum is up to one lakh rupees, you can claim the prize amount from the relevant district lottery offices.