Vdo grade pay in Rajasthan 2022

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Vdo grade pay in Rajasthan: If you want to know the salary and allowances provided to the VDO in Rajasthan.

Please read the full article by the Rajasthan government, and if you are also interested in becoming a rural development officer VDO. All doubts will be cleared.

What is the VDO post in Panchayati raj?

The rural development officer is an employee of the government responsible for developing a village. This post will discuss their function and how they are appointed.

Of the people living in villages.

The latter entails development activities like agriculture, animal husbandry, education, etc.

Which are carried out in rural areas. The National Rural Livelihood Mission is a prime example of development work.

It has been conceived, designed, and implemented to provide significantly improved livelihood opportunities to rural people on a sustainable basis, especially for the poor and vulnerable sections of society.

RSMSSB Rajasthan VDO Salary 2022

Vdo grade pay in Rajasthan 2022

Pay Scale (वेतनमान)Rs.21,500/- 68,000/-
Basic Salary (मूल वेतन)Rs. 21,500/-
Maximum Salary (अधिकतम वेतन)Rs. 68,000/-
Dearness Allowance (DA) (महंगाई भत्ता)Rs. 6020/- (28% Of Basic Pay)
RSMSSB rural development officer Salary Structure 2022

What is the work of VDO?

The work of a VDO can vary greatly depending on the region they serve. The role of VDO can be broadly divided into two categories- development work and monitoring work.

The former involves planning, executing, monitoring, and evaluating projects that aim at improving the quality of life; for example, some may be involved in the following:

  • A rural development officer is responsible for handling and overseeing rural development schemes in their respective regions. They are also responsible for ensuring the schemes are effective and efficient.
  • Monitoring agricultural production in their region to assess the level of food security and ensure that there is enough food for local consumers
  • Working with rural communities to create small business units that will help them increase their own food production
  • Developing agricultural crop markets to help local farmers increase their profit margins
  • Providing education about global food issues, including commodity prices, agriculture practices and the general sustainability of food production
  • He or she will also be involved in engaging and motivating people in villages and communities and be responsible for implementing these schemes.

The work of a rural development officer is not always easy, but it is a rewarding career with great prospects.

Are VDO and BDO the same?

Not both are not the same VDO and BDO are the names of the officers who had a village development or block development, respectively.

BDO: The Block Development Officer is the highest position of authority in a block. The Block Development Officer has been given powers to enforce laws, hold public meetings, and perform other duties that can be delegated at lower levels of administration.

So, what is the difference between VDO and BDO?

The answer to this question is that VDO and BDO are different posts but have similar roles in their respective villages.

VDO: rural development officer is responsible for planning, implementing development schemes, coordinating with other government departments, managing the village’s finances, and so on.

BDO is responsible for maintaining law & order in his/her own area. It has been sanctioned as a self-governing authority with the mandate of supervising the village administration and planning developmental activities.

It is also empowered to issue licenses, permit permits, and public health and welfare recommendations.

what is the role of BDO in any block

The job of a BDO includes the following:

1. Ensuring security in his/her area.

2. Maintaining peace and harmony in society by promoting development activities like education, health, etc.

3. Protecting the rights of people living in his/her area and maintaining law & order without any discrimination based on caste, creed, religion, sex, or community

4. Ensuring that people living in his/her area are aware of their rights to protection from exploitation and abuse

5. Promoting awareness about government schemes for development

6. Promoting social aspects like family planning

7. Promoting the welfare of children, women, and the elderly

8. Conducting public awareness programs on government schemes, etc.

9. Maintaining law & order in his/her area by disarming criminals and undertaking action against those who commit crimes and/or are involved in cases of extortion, human trafficking, and other criminal activities.

How to become a VDO in Rajasthan

To become a VDO, you need to pass the Rajasthan RSMSSB exam, which is conducted by the Rajasthan State Rajasthan Staff Selection Board

A candidate has to apply for the post, submit their documents, attend an interview, pass the test and then undergo training for 3 months before finally getting the job

The Rajasthan Subordinate and Ministerial Services Selection Board Village Development Officer selection process includes the following stages:

  • Prelims Exam
  • Mains Exam
  • Document Verification

After qualifying all the stages of the exam, you will now become a rural development officer in Rajasthan.

VDO Exam Pattern of Written Exam 2022,

  • The Written Exam will be an Objective Exam
  • There will be a total of 300 questions in the paper, which is composed of a total of 30 MCQs.
  • Each question carries 2 marks.
  • Unpaid for incorrect answers is another way that we help our students succeed.
  • The written exam will last for 2 hours.
Hindi Knowledge & Writing50100
General Intelligence Test50100
General Knowledge50100


The rural development officer is responsible for planning, implementing development schemes, coordinating with other government departments, and managing the village’s finances.

It has been the government’s leading partner in planning, developing, and implementing development schemes.

Planning and implementing development schemes such as ‘Growth with Inclusive Growth’, ‘Urban Development Plan’, ‘Agricultural Development Plan’, etc.

VDO works closely with other government departments like Planning Commission and Industries Department to ensure that all developmental activities are planned and implemented properly.

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