what is 2s in train

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what is 2s in train hey guys, today in this article I am going to tell you about the seating arrangement on the train and you will know what is 2s system is? what is the use of this number? So stay tuned 

 as we all travel on the train we have seen many berths in the train which is divided according to facility and price of the ticket. Eg ac coach slipper coach and general coach. In this the price varies according to the facility given in the coach price of an ac coach is higher than that of a sleeper coach.

One should know about the different types of coaches and their seat arrangements.

what is  2s in train

2s stand for reserved ‘Second Seating it is also known as seater class it is non-ac with a seating facility coach in this seat is arranged in the form of benches.

Know about 2s coach in train 

There is no sleeping facility available in this berth. Booking is done prior and the seat is allotted according to your booking preference.

In this coach, food facility is not provided from the railway you have to bring your food.

This coach has the primary facility of a bathroom wash basin and fan which is fixed in the upper part of the seat 

2s coach

2s seat booking 

Slipper class or 2s seat is reserved through offline and online mode it is different from a general coach you have to book your ticket a few days ago to travel in this coach. 

This is different from the general coach because in the general coach you will not get the seat number you have to seat according to seal availability but in the 2s coach, all the passenger is allotted with seat number your seat is reserved. Only reserved passengers can only seat in this. 

2s seating facility is only for the short distance of 3- 4 hour of travel this facility is provided for that passenger who has to travel for the very short distance. If you want to travel for a long distance then a sleeper coach and ac tier are best for the long distance.

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2s coach is only for day travelling this facility is not provided during the night it is one of the cheapest modes of transport a lower class can also afford the price of the ticket and far better from the bus. It is quite hard travelling during the summer season rather than it is best for short-distance travelling 

What is the price of the 2S class?

In this coach price is the minimum s that every citizen can afford Price is referred to according to your distance the average fare of sleeper seats from Delhi to Lucknow can be around INR 350.

You can check the price and book your ticket for 2s seating online.

enjoy your journey!!!

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