What is SSB,eligibility & Interview 2022

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What is SSB?

Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) is a board that assesses the candidates for becoming officers into the Indian Armed Forces. It is a central government body that evaluates the eligibility of candidates for joining active service in India’s military forces.

The SSB is responsible for carrying out all recruitment related activities, including selection of eligible candidates, counseling and interviews. The SSB also conducts physical and mental tests to determine suitability before issuing provisional orders to recruit individuals into military service.

What is ssb

What does the SSB do?

The SSB has been given many responsibilities over time, such as selection of medical personnel, selection of members for public services examinations such as Civil Services Examination and Railway Recruitment Board examination, establishment of special recruitment boards to select police officers in India, etc., which has led to its control of the civil service.

SSB became a full-fledged body in 1987, and thus was no longer a part of the Ministry of Home Affairs. During this period, its role has expanded to conduct elections in India as well as recruit government officials such as police officers and judicial officers.

The SSB also provides signals intelligence to the Research and Analysis Wing for external intelligence.The SSB conducts written and oral examinations, interviews, and medical tests for potential officers who are interested in joining one of the three

The officer selection board is composed of high-ranking officers and those with experience in the military. They will then choose candidates and present them to the Secretary of Defense for approval.

Military Selection Board The Secretary of Defense will then appoint a member of the selection board as the head and provide that person with instructions on how to manage meetings. The selection board will then select candidates based on qualifications, experience, education, and aptitude.

SSB (Service Selection Board Procedure)

The service selection board interview is done after evaluating candidates through various parameters for five days Candidates who dream of working for the SSB must know about the process in detail and prepare accordingly before attending an interview. It starts with a first-day elimination which means only 5 candidates remain amongst 25000.

The SSB selection process involves three tests: physical, personality, and IQ. What time of day these tests are held depends on the job in question.

A first-day elimination is a kind of interview that happens on the first day the selection board meets to evaluate candidates. Sometimes, this refers to a preliminary interview that takes place before more formal interviews. Most often, it means that four candidates will be eliminated from the selection process and only one will remain.

Day 1 – Screening test happen ,

Day 2 – Psychological evaluation,

Days 3 & 4 – Group tests,

and Day 5 – a compilation of results in conference.

Interviews are also a part of the selection process and may include personal and professional experience. They include qualities like intellect, initiative, and judgment under pressure. skills that help capture and retain online buyer attention, the ability to reason and organize, communication skills,

the courage to stand up for what you believe in – even when it’s hard, speed in decision making based on both experience & data tracking feedback, willingness to set an example regardless how much pressure is put on you. Compassion and a feeling of loyalty towards your nation

What is SSB exam eligibility?

1) Age: Between 18 to 25 years.(Cut-off date for age will be 07-05-2010 )

2) Educational Qualification: a) Intermediate (10+2) or equivalent from a recognized Board/Institute. b) Typing speed 30 words per minute in English or 25 words per minute in Hindi. source

Is the SSB exam tough?

yes, this is one of the toughest exams To be a police officer, you must be able to remain calm and perform your duties in high-stress situations. A candidate must therefore give satisfactory answers under pressure.

With time, the tests became more difficult and time-consuming.

What is the age limit for SSB?

Candidate must be between 20 to 25 years of age. There is a minimum age of 21 for entry-level positions and 23 for non-entry level openings. There is a maximum age of 30 as mentioned in the policies section of website. SC/ST candidates who have reached the age of 35 can be selected for the post. OBC candidates who are between the ages of 18 and 24 can also apply. The candidate must have completed their studies and attained a valid degree

SSB Interview Procedure

there are various procedures for interview which are given below

SSB procedures and tests for both NDA and CDS entries are the same, but the difference is in how high your hiring needs are.

Entry 12th court-martial candidates are selected to undergo graduate training at the National Defence Academy and following 4 years of training will be commissioned.

Pretty much anyone in the 12th standard can become an IAS officer here, so if you’re able to provide that, For the CDS entry, you’ll be considered a great candidate.

But for a high school student, he is no longer in high school, so the SSB expects him to be someone who has been selected for officer training, and it comes with a hefty dose of pressure.

The intelligence should speak for itself when you have had to contend with obstacles in life. , l have, which is why they are looking for candidates who can catch their eye. But don’t worry, if you’re ineligible for it due to certain difficulties, there are other ways into public service and military service.

How can I crack NDA and SSB?

Start preparing for your NDA written test using what you learned from our help guides. You should also try to achieve enough scores on it so that you don’t face the fear of exclusion from the merit list. This will help you build some self-confidence, as well as give you a lot of motivation in the process.

Achieving a good score on the NDA written test will also make it easier for you to get into the NDA, which is something that you should be aiming for because coming from this internship, you have a lot of chances at getting in.

Then for SSB The interview process is a crucial part of the job hunting process. It is not just about getting an offer, but also about finding out whether this company is the right fit for you. The best way to prepare for your interview is to be as prepared as possible.

In order to prepare for your SSB interview, you should read books of various authors like Robin Sharma or read the news. You should also prepare questions that you might be asked during your interview and practice answering them.

Can a girl join SSB?

yes both boys and girls can join ssb

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